Saturday, 27 March 2010


Overwhelmed with visual information and flooded
over my eyes up into hairlines through follicles
lapping at the connections between sleep and not
lying where I fell and decomposing
amongst last year's hazel nuts left hollow by jays or squirrels
smelling rich and rotten between annual strata of leaves
fallen and lifted, levitating upon the points of bluebell stalks.

First to feel the primrose bloom, growing like an emotion
between my shoulder blades don't move, don't move
all moments pass and this will pass too soon
in a coppice in company with spring.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


i saw you
you and that mouse
saw you and that bird
messing around in the kitchen
feathers everywhere and blood spots
saw prints and mud and fleas and worms
heard a racket in the middle of the night at three
i saw you sit on my knee and purr like nothing happened
stick your claws in my knee cap until it bled five dots
dribble down the side of a clean jumper gone crusty
breath like something died in your mouth
because it did and kakky bum planked
where ever it likes trip me up
why don't you so take
a swipe at me now
and again

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Notwithstanding the force of love –

knocked down.

Inappropriately tired –

wanting more, nevertheless.

Not without a certain beauty –

certainly embodied by

nonotherthan an assignation

most secretly made.

However, all in all,

together we lie – divided by

truth: I could have sworn

but how can language be bad?

I’m sleeping on your feet –

You can’t keep my eyes open.

Nodding off and on in

accord with our hearts.