Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Double 2

Body doubles mirror life I met
the mother of another's other -
her daughter duplicate Madonna.
So proud the bearer of
offsprung bareness.

Twin toads peel back like
carpet tape with agricultural
hairs stuck in the gum back
bones folded on their own doppel.
Trace elements are shared
two sides of the same coin
in mint, clover, hay and earth.

A pressed flower from the year passed.

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  1. The Moffat Gallery invites artists to submit ideas via email only please to to design and make a visitors book for £250. Applications should be in the form of a short description of the idea with a sketch attached. Additional info about the applicant would be welcome eg artist's website address. Deadline for initial submissions: midnight on Thurs May 24 2012.
    Background info: The Moffat Gallery is a new contemporary artspace, formerly a builder's yard and early 18th cottage near the town centre. The gallery building and pend lead through into a gravel display space and garden featuring an engraved Caithness granite circular pavement by gallery founder Elizabeth Roberts. The Moffat pavement, appropriately for a town whose emblem is a ram, is engraved with the first lines of a sonnet by the 16th century French poet Joachim du Bellay refering to Ulysses and the Golden Fleece* and forms the centrepiece of a garden being made by Dawa Sherpa and Janet Wheatcroft of Craigieburn Garden, Moffat. The inaugural exhibition to be opened by Richard Demarco 12-2pm on Fri May 25 2012 is Paths - suite of 12 black and white photographs by Jennifer Gough-Cooper of Ian Hamilton Finlay's garden at Little Sparta.